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-Fixed Pregnancy timer not resetting when cancelled.

Platform: PC/Windows Language : English Size 162 mb Adorevia V2.5b V2.5B -Eight new scenes added to the gallery.

-The gallery now only displays one column which fixes the visual bug of having two scene titles overlapping.

A state of the art blocking system puts you in control of unwanted communications.

The group chat rooms are a fun place to hang out and talk with friends and random people.

I do animations, comics, and illustrations, so it's going to have a lot of those in there as well.

Fetishes so far: -Possession -Mind Control -Incest -Body swap -Infidelity -Hentai Dialogue Book of Lust v0.0.4.1d -Fixed Birth - Aspect of Dominance pregnancy disappearing when having sex with Olivia.-Fleeing from a fight with orcs in the deep forests will no longer teleport you to a previous version of that map -The pictures during the Pregnant Meredith X Male PC scene are now displayed in the right dimensions. -You can no longer be impregnated by the "mystic wolf" if you choose the anal variation. -The Wolf Sprite will no longer show up until you can actually interact with it.-The warlock tower teleport crystal now works as intended. -Dialogue box fixed the Laroavia Forest map encounter. Platform: PC/Windows Language : English Size 3850 mb on fire Note: Just to show you guys the progress and help in determining the fps(do try it in ultra)(not a official build) Controls: w a s d : movement space : jump( don't try to jump on objects unnecessarily or you might get stuck.) c : crouch enter: to progress though text mouse click: to interact with UI Platform: PC/Windows Language: English Size: 211 Mb new location.Too make things worse circumstances seem to be slowly changing him...I want this game to be a sort of hybrid between Runes of Chaos and Prisoners of the Elder One essentially in this game you will have a certain number of days to escape the camp, each day is divided in three part: Morning where you have some interactions with the inhabitants of the camp. And the evening where you socialize a bit more until you finish the day by having dinner with one of your friends The training section consistent of going into a dungeon a trying to beat the boss while during the morning and evening you have to use the items you find during your training to try to find a your way out like in Prisoners of the Elder One.VIP members can turn their forums into live chatrooms for group discussions.

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