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It is a mistake that appeared with the change of the meaning of the word in the last decades, but keeps moving to future editions from older dictionaries.

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Also, some expressions have a different meaning because of differences in cultures and life standards. Owning a small shop or guest house with 1 employee is fine.

Being a lawyer, business consultant or middle manager will do, too.

The word "intelligent" means that the person is a good person, not only clever and educated but it also describes the type of character.

They give the word "intercourse" as the equivalent of the word "acquaintance" in some Russian dictionaries.

In one case, a gang of 20 Albanian gangsters using fake Greek and Italian passports ran a round-the-clock dial-a-drug racket in Manchester, targeting the city’s nightclubs while living in lavishly decorated flats.

Armed Albanian gangsters dressed in designer clothes to target Manchester revellers looking to buy cocaine.

God may save all of you'He told Radio 4’s Today programme: ‘It doesn’t take time for somebody to be hurt.‘Often it’s the criminals themselves, but obviously we are concerned there are innocent bystanders obviously in this.’The Daily Mail has also highlighted the cases of three Albanian murderers living freely in Britain.

One, double killer Avni Metra, 54, was extradited to his native country earlier this year after living here for nearly two decades, but two others are still fighting deportation.

Gangs of Albanian drug dealers are now ‘a significant threat’ on Britain’s streets, police chiefs warned yesterday.

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