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This stylized and overtly theatrical approach is visually intriguing — rich with opulent costumes and sets — but it also keeps those scenes at one remove from the viewer on an emotional level, insofar as the artifice of the storytelling becomes a deliberate part of how the story unfolds.

There is a great deal going on in Tolstoy’s story — with an ensemble of characters demonstrating the import of the book’s opening words, that, It’s a story about the elusive thing we call happiness; but it is also very much about great passion, social and personal hypocrisy, selfishness versus selflessness, emotional insecurity, jealousy, faith, fidelity, marriages both good and bad, social change, and the respective merits of rural and urban life.

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For, in Leo Tolstoy’s sprawling, 864-page novel (originally published in installments in 1873-77), fierce, all-consuming passion truly does prove fatal to happiness.

Or, perhaps it is as one of the novel’s translators observed, that one cannot build one’s happiness on another’s pain.

At a later party, women flutter their fans in unison like stylized swan wings; while Anna’s own fan movements later echo both the pulse of her own beating heart and the approaching hoof-beats of racing horses.

And, time and again, we catch glimpses (as does Anna) of the grinding wheels of a locomotive, as the implacable harbinger of inevitable doom.At BAFTA, it won Best Costume Design and was nominated as Best British Film of the Year and in four other categories.It was nominated as Best Original Score (by Dario Marianelli) at the Golden Globes; it was nominated for Outstanding Achievement by the American Society of Cinematographers; and it was nominated for Excellence in Production Design by the Art Directors Guild.The remodeled Cal starts to try his prowess at the bar (with such lovelies as Marisa Tomei); but, outward changes aside, his heart still beats for only one woman.And his 13-year old son Robbie (Jonah Bobo) is truly a chip off the old block — a confirmed romantic even at his tender years, he lives for two things — reuniting his sundered parents and winning the affections of his 17-year old babysitter, Jessica (winningly played by former competitive figure skater Analeigh Tipton), a girl on the threshold of young womanhood who, in turn, secretly pines for Robbie’s father!Anna is mercilessly ostracized by society, a society in Anna’s own brother, a shameless serial philanderer, deems it “impossible” to offer succor to his outcast sister.

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