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This is purely based on my opinion and bangkok112is independent and not affiliated with any bar or company.There are 3 red light districts in Bangkok: Gogo bars in Bangkok are full of girls that dance scantily clad.

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Top 10 gogo bars in Bangkok This list was compiled from the last few years of drinking in the gogo bars of Bangkok.

These are the best gogo bars that I currently visit regularly and enjoy drinking in.

Nice girls, a strong theme, no hassle and this bar has a very loyal following. Billboard Billboard is a bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza that has a huge jacuzzi and a big revolving dancefloor.

It’s also a very large bar so if there are not many customers inside it can lack atmosphere. An example would be my last visit at happy hour; the staff were all grumpy brutes, who scoffed at me when I ordered drinks and scowled in my general direction when I refused to buy lady drinks.

All the dancers wear black lingerie to go along with it and it works very well.

The shows are often crowd pleasing, with humorous moments thrown in.

This bar has long been a favourite of mine, probably because it was the first gogo bar I ever entered.

The layout inside is perfect, with a raised central dancefloor and double tiered seating all around. Bada Bing Over on Patpong (the home of the ping pong scam bars and thuggish touts) the best bar by far is Bada Bing.

Customers can buy these girls drinks, or take them out of the bar for additional services if desired.

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