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As long as there is an award for her she will be very happy.

As for having no plans to film movies yet, "Although there were invites for me to film movies but too bad there were conflicts with the dates for filming series, moreover the movie industry will look for a certain candidate, therefore I am still looking for the opportunity. So Bobby will be coming together with Charmaine to Johore tommorow!! As for Malaysian fans Astro website made a mistake where it is stated Ekin Cheng will be with Ray at the 2-430pm event on 26th January.

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) “I’m sorry, I have nothing to say.” Teased by his friends about being on the cover of tabloid magazines due to his rumors with Charmaine, Tony wrote on his blog, “This matter did not [benefit] us by making us stand out.

The rumors hurt both Mandy and I since there was no ounce of truth in the tabloids’ reports.” Pestered by the press to respond to the matters, Mandy said, “I will only answer questions pertaining to the financial market.” Mandy wrote on her blog, “I am made of water and can survive in any form.

Now, rumoured couple Charmaine Sheh and Joe Ma has passed the possibility of having any rumours as it is going to be the fourth time they are cooperating together in the coming series 《東關飄雨西關晴》(name subject to change).

Charmaine and Joe has worked together in Strike at Heart, Maidens Vow and The Drive of Life.

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Last year there were rumours that Joe Ma and Benny Chan had a fought for Charmaine Sheh.Since I work in the securities industry, my professional image is very important.I am not like those celebrities who wish to appear in the newspaper everyday. The companies which we consult for IPOs are afraid to be seen with me, concerned tabloids will falsify news and slander their names.” Charmaine Sheh: “Selection of a Boyfriend Not Based on Money” Possessing a high emotional quotient (EQ), Charmaine normally shrugged off tabloid allegations.Charmaine smiled and said that after "Witness to a Prosecution 2" this is the second time she is colaberating with Bobby.But this time she will only have colleague relationship with Bobby and the sentimental parts will be with Kevin Cheng.The best TVB Jade TV programs of all time include the most viewed shows on TVB Jade, as this list covers the entire history of the network.

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