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This chapter surveys the establishment and organization of the public education systems in some Latin American countries, pointing out differences and similarities in their evolution.

Stressed in the discussion are the importance of postsecondary institutions for the development of mathematics education, the role played by normal schools in several countries, and the arrival of new pedagogical ideas in Latin America at the end of the nineteenth century.

Fruhmann, of the Federal Chancellor's Office, acting as Agent; of the French Government, represented by S.

Pailler, Chargé de Mission in the Legal Affairs Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, acting as Agent; and of the Commission, represented by M. Roniger, at the hearing on 23 March 2000,after hearing the Opinion of the Advocate General at the sitting on ,gives the following Judgment 1 By order of 23 April 1998, received at the Court on 26 August 1998, the Bundesvergabeamt (Federal Procurement Office) referred for a preliminary ruling under Article 177 of the EC Treaty (now Article 234 EC) seven questions on the interpretation of Council Directive 92/50/EEC of 18 June 1992 relating to the coordination of procedures for the award of public service contracts (OJ 1992 L 209, p.

1) and of Council Directive 93/38/EEC of 14 June 1993 coordinating the procurement procedures of entities operating in the water, energy, transport and telecommunications sectors (OJ 1993 L 199, p.

84).2 Those questions have been raised in proceedings between Telaustria Verlags Gmb H (Telaustria) and Telefonadress Gmb H (Telefonadress), on the one hand, and Telekom Austria AG (Telekom Austria), on the other, concerning the conclusion by Telekom Austria of a concession contract with Herold Business Data AG (Herold) for the production and publication of printed and electronically accessible lists of telephone subscribers (telephone directories).

the provision of services on other bases, such as law or regulations, or employment contracts, is not covered.5 Furthermore, the 17th recital in the preamble to Directive 92/50 states:...

the rules concerning service contracts as contained in Council Directive 90/531/EEC of 17 September 1990 on the procurement procedures of entities operating in the water, energy, transport and telecommunications sectors [OJ 1990 L 297, p. Directive 93/386 Under Article 45(3) of Directive 93/38, Directive 90/531 is to cease to have effect as from the date on which Directive 93/38 is applied.

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