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AMATEUR - Oh yes, I can feel the force that is very strong in this one! BESTIALITY - Oh Wolfie you are so good, but too much fang! AMATEUR - The only thing I can say is LOOK AT THOSE PANTS.

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BACKDOOR - The bomb of my loins has been defused, SIR!! " ORAL - Super Turbo Turkey Puncher HI SCORE coming right up!!! GANGBANG - This worse than the night Abobo drank a bathtub full of tequila... BACKDOOR - AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA HARDCORE - Hey, you two!

ZOMBIE SEX - Oh, it so big it split his head open!! GANGBANG - Ah, the famous rhinocerous underwater love helmet!

AMATEUR - Will Wright, you are a sick little monkey who need spanking!!

ORAL - BARF AMATEUR - Oh no, that embarrassing - she need telescope! HARDCORE - HAHAHA look at Fox's expression in this one!

BESTIALITY - Felix the Cat does best Richard Gere impression. HOT FLASH - I don't know who made this, but it's ultra-sexy! AMATEUR - Don't ever tell me you never get any of the foreplay, beeotch!!!

AMATEUR - And in the middle of the jungle, love was discovered... BESTIALITY - I have no comment on this image at this time.

BACKDOOR - Better than bad, so it must be good I think.

ORAL - "I find your use of teeth disturbing." HANDJOB - Stay on target...

BACKDOOR - A test: ask a soldier to sit on his gun and see which end he sits on.

BESTIALITY - Wow, this hunter really getting his "trophy"!!

ORAL - What is it with kids and their slang these days?

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