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Much of the Western world continues to view Cambodia as a place where the overwhelming majority of sex workers are victims forced into the trade.“The media created about these women’s lives is filled with this theme of the most horrific exploitation you can image.

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“I may live to regret this,” the judge said, adding that he had no doubt that when Dodd is released from prison “he’s going to do this again.” “This is one of the most disgusting cases that has ever come before this court,” he said.

Walter expressed reluctance to approve the prison term of eight years and eight months sought by prosecutors under a plea deal with Dodd, indicating he thought the sentence was too lenient for the crime.

In a dysfunctional state such as Cambodia, solid figures are even more slippery.

But one of the more authoritative studies, published in 2011 by the United Nations’ top human trafficking agency, estimated only 1,058 sex trafficking cases in Cambodia; 127 were underage. A whopping 40,000 Cambodian “sex slaves.”) Though lacking hard figures, charities focused on “rescuing” victims in Cambodia nonetheless insist the underage sex trade is “thriving,” if operating with greater secrecy.

Most women are not held at gunpoint or beaten into submission to do this work. If you’re a woman coming from the countryside, and you haven’t had a lot of education, your options are limited.

You can stay in the countryside and work the rice fields.

Prosecutors say there is evidence that he abused other minors in Cambodia aside from the 14 year-old girl.

Cambodian police arrested Dodd in October 2008, after they investigated his relationship with the girl, and he served 16 months in jail in that country before authorities revoked his visa and expelled him.

Dodd pleaded guilty in September to traveling to Cambodia to engage in illicit sexual conduct with a minor.

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