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Peet's reputation got a boost playing Marin in "Something's Gotta Give" opposite Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton.

Nina's father then offers the crew Yankee tickets in the owner's box.

But things unravel for the couple at the game when Elaine is ejected from the seats for refusing to remove her Baltimore Orioles cap.

Megan Mullally actually appeared in the same debut episode as Teri Hatcher, titled "The Implant," playing George's girlfriend Betsy.

In the episode, Betsy's aunt dies and George flies to the funeral, buying an expensive plane ticket (which he hopes to later get discounted).

Keener has appeared in multiple roles since, although her most famous part may be as Trish Piedmont in "The 40 Year Old Virgin."Christine Taylor plays Jerry's girlfriend Ellen, who is perfect in every way, except that she seems to have no friends.

Jerry flies his parents out to meet her, and when they love her too, he decides that something must be wrong with her and that he needs to break up with her.

Strong plays Sue Ellen Mischke, who never wears a bra.

Elaine is so obsessed that Sue Ellen doesn't wear a bra that she gives her one as a gift, which Sue Ellen then wears down the street as a shirt, which causes Kramer to crash Jerry's car because they're so distracted watching her.

Four years later, TV viewers embraced Mullally as Karen Walker in "Will & Grace."Catherine Keener plays Jerry's new girlfriend Nina for an episode in season 3.

Nina is an artist who paints Kramer as "a loathsome, offensive brute," and yet you cannot look away.

The capper in the episode, which also featured the memorable anti-dentite story line with Bryan Cranston, is when Beth reveals she's a racist anti-Semite.

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