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The National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington starts today, kicking off its centennial celebration.(Seeing the blossoms is on my life to-do list, along with visiting Rome and Lourdes.) Looking at the beautiful blossoms makes me happy and lifts my heart in praise to God.They wrote: "Busker Busker brought something new and sweet this year with their smash debut hit.

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It was also promoted on various music shows, their own television show (Busker Busker Show) and their first concert titled "Youth Bus", held on May 5–6.

Culture critic Kim Heon-sik said "Cherry Blossom Ending" was successful because it includes themes reminiscent of the spring season, such as "a cool breeze, cherry blossoms flying in the air and couples who hold hands at festivals for the flowers." He also said the contrast between its "cheerful melodies" and sad lyrics contributed to its success.

The cherry blossom theme speaks not of massive and powerful presence, but rather of beauty.

The note is felt as the fragrance warms up, but cherry blossom throws off the invisibility cloak and allows for a full-on goddess to step through only with the help of amaretto and vanilla. Marina is an aspiring writer, a perfume enthusiast, lover of a nice warm cup of Italian coffee and a stubborn optimist.

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And while July is in full swing and this is a fragrance that leans on the powdery sweet side of the fragrance wheel, I feel like just a drop of it would be a perfect summer date night fragrance. She discovered her love for perfumes in the same fashion as every little girl; on her mother’s nightstand.

Blossom Love is a sweet floral “on the rocks” fragrance morphing into olfactive tool for massive enchantment. Ever since then, she lets her nose rather than her heart lead her through life, because perfume, rather than diamonds, are a girl’s best friends.

"Cherry Blossom Ending" was described as a "romantic ballad with an addictive rhythm".

Lyrically, it expresses feelings of affection for a "special someone", and wanting to walk together in a street filled with cherry blossoms.

Lovers of cherry blossom, rejoice: Blossom Love by Amouage brings to life that rich, textured, varied yet elusive scent of cherry blossom with an exploding beauty on your skin.

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