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Often they are forced to work long hours, travelling to and from cities with drugs or quantities of money.Sometimes they will be forced to swallow their stash or 'plug' it, a process of hiding it in their bodies, a concerning report has found.

Exploiting the young and vulnerable, they use guns, knives and acid attacks to the keep their mules and teenage dealers in check.

Youngsters are attracted by the idea of status and lured by the opportunity to earn sums of cash quickly - but the reality of the situation is far from lucrative.

Earlier this year a teenage drug dealer from east London left three people with blisters, burns and temporary loss of sight during an acid attack in Canterbury.

Fahad Abdi, 18, from Forest Gate, lay in wait for his three victims after suspecting they had stolen his stash of cocaine.

While vulnerable youngsters from broken homes may seem an obvious target for the dealers, a report found that actually children from all backgrounds are at risk.

An inquiry by the All Party Parliamentary Group for Runaway and Missing Children and Adults (APPG) found 'any child can be groomed for criminal exploitation' from any part of the country.

Landlords have often used us as mediators to try and remove these people once they know what they are up to.'We collected various bits of information and visited these places not to criminalise the sex workers, but to check on their safety.'We interview all the women and check why they are there and whether they want to be there.'Generally we have no power to make them leave the situation they are in but we can use various methods to remove women if needs be.'But it is difficult.

Some are brainwashed to not to talk to the police or any other authority.'But while police are fighting to keep up with pop-up brothels, drugs gangs from major cities are flooding into rural and coastal communities to set up their empires.

There were similar warnings in the Lake District, after it was revealed human traffickers used hotels and guesthouses as pop-up brothels after block-booking hotel rooms in Barrow and across the south lakes.

A study last year by the Police Foundation found that women in pop-up brothels were more likely to have been trafficked than those in standard brothels.

The report said: 'Of the 33 forces which reported incidents of cuckooing, seven reported possible instances of imprisonment/modern slavery, where vulnerable people were detained against their will and/or denied access to areas within their home.' Often dealers will attend rehab classes where they will target former users and tempt them with drugs until they become indebted to them.

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