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But not once did he expose its origin or its connection to the 'circumpunct' symbol of Ra.The Papyrus below is one of the oldest papyrus texts on display in the Cairo Museum and it has the Goddess Nut of the heavens above stretching from horizon to horizon.ARTICLE RELEASE 2008 - Starmap Class AA The 'forbidden' previously hidden records that follow expose secrets that have been locked away for centuries.

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It's a long-discussed rock n' roll urban legend that Simmons' seemingly unusually long tongue was achieved by the addition of a cow tongue graft, something which the 67-year-old rocker has denied.

Over at the official KISS Facebook page, fans were highly amused by the similarities between the calf and their favorite rocker, who has famously bragged that he has proof he's slept with more than 4,800 women.

All three show a star position near a group of seven other stars...

All three have a beam of light/ladder from the star to Earth All three have been deemed forbidden history for centuries.

A Texas rancher spotted a shocking similarity between a newborn calf and a legendary rocker — and the uncanny resemblance has received a KISS of approval.

Rancher Heather Leonard Taccetta, who works at the Cowboy Steak House in Kerrville, Texas, immediately saw that the facial markings - complete with long tongue - belonging to a calf born July 28 matched the famous stage makeup worn by KISS frontman Gene Simmons.

This page originally launched to time in with a book by Dan Brown called The Solomon Key but something went completely wrong with Brown's plans. Was he forced into this action by some powerful extremists?

He announced he would take an extra year to do something quite shocking... An author known to expose ancient knowledge then launched a traditional uplifting masonic based story.

The basis of the arguement from a traditional perspective has always been that the Ra symbol is Our sun and not a Sun-like star.

For the sake of the debate and star map arguement of the ancient document, their Sun and moon depictions have been removed as well in 'an experiment' also their correlating pillars on the ground.

Nut is the sacred feminine of the heavens in ancient Egypt.

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