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Figuring out how long it was before that egg was put in the carton.

Which is pretty much impossible to determine - but realize it could be up to another 30 days before the date on the carton (and honestly, is anyone from the government really camped out at egg farms with a stopwatch to determine the time from when the hen lays that egg until it finally reaches the carton? An interesting test to try to figure out the age of eggs, either store bought or from your backyard is to do the Float Test.

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And I'm told (although I can't find anything official in writing to confirm this) that a farmer has up to 30 days to package an egg after it's laid. The yolk won't be quite as firm and the whites will be more runny, but it will still be fine to eat.

So that means a commercially sold egg can be two months old by the time you buy it. The air sac will be larger since more air has had the chance to seep through the pores in the shell, and there's been a greater chance of bacteria seeping in as well, I would guess - but hey, on the bright side, that 'up to 60 day old' egg will peel just great when you hard boil it - although if you steam your fresh eggs they'll peel just fine too.

In this article we’ll look at some tips for overcoming the chicken and egg problem, specifically for mobile dating startups.

We’ll address how to acquire an initial user base, and how to keep your user base growing.

Look at the story of the Lulu app, which had an original feature that allowed women to write anonymous reviews about guys.

Since some men found this feature offensive – and felt that it made the app more valuable for women than for men – the developers had to get rid of this “guy review” feature.

But I personally would rather eat a fresh egg any day.

If you don't have your own chickens, and aren't near a farmers market, or know a friend or local farmer who provides you eggs, you're at the mercy of the commercial farmers, so how can you increase your chances of choosing store bought eggs that are as fresh as possible?

To keep accounts legit, Hinge provides information from a user’s Facebook page such as their friends list, photos, marital status, and place of living and studying, and then arranges matches only between friends of friends.

Positioning expresses the philosophy behind your app, but you must clearly articulate that positioning – for yourself and for your target audience. Answering these questions will help you crystallize your concept.

The "Best By" or "Use By" date can't be more than 45 days past the packaging date.

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