Dating waitress chinese restaurant

It was written by Jennifer Celotta and directed by Harold Ramis.

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Bania arrives at Monk's and attempts to reclaim the suit from Jerry.

Simon, who has just flirted with a woman in front of Elaine, arrives to announce that he has a job interview thanks to the suit Jerry gave him, and so he might stay longer in the country.

In response, Pam reaches out to Karen, and the two plan a rival party.

The rival Christmas parties begin, and the office staff members are forced to choose sides.

Later, at Jerry's apartment, Jerry and George speculate whether she made that up to avoid George and whether the manure comment had anything to do with it.

Kramer starts dating Hildy, a waitress at Reggie's, and her appetite forces him to go to Jerry's apartment for food.

In order to get rid of Bania, Jerry offers the Armani suit to Simon, who willingly accepts it.

George is still uncomfortable at Monk's and badgers Jerry and Elaine to go to Reggie's, where Hildy works.

After asking his girlfriend Hildy, Kramer informs George that Kelly doesn't have a boyfriend, so she did invent the story earlier.

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