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However, and I'd argue, dating as a mom takes some serious badassery.

Thankfully, there a few things every grown-ass mom does when she's dating, to make it not only suck a little bit less, but occasionally rock on a major, rather enjoyable level.

Love yourself first, and be kind to yourself always.

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This is important at all stages in life, but when you are a dating mom you need to have standards.

Mine were simple: I only date feminists, my kids come first, I want you to be honest, and I expect you to respect me and the boundaries I set. Dating is scary, both in a, "what if it goes bad" way and a, "what if they hurt me" way. Yes, if you never leave the house you'll never get hurt, but you'll also limit your opportunities to have fun, have some great sex, and maybe even love again.

I was lucky to have friends and family members practically fight over who would help me get some (I mean, um, date).

Grown-ass moms don't disservice themselves by using their kids as an excuse not to do something scary.

I discovered that being a grown-ass dating mom was fun and empowering.

Eventually, spoiler alert, I met an awesome grown-ass dating dad with whom I could share adventures.

Grown-ass women know what they want, set boundaries, and don't apologize for them.

They don't date someone only because they feel sorry for them and don't want to let them down.

They face logistic challenges head-on and roll with the inevitable changes.

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