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The benefit is currently paid to around 530,000 people in trial areas but it this number will rise sharply in the autumn, when it is due to be rolled out to 50 new areas.

David Gauke, the work and pensions secretary, has been urged by 30 Labour MPs, and the Green party MP Caroline Lucas, to delay the expansion of the new universal credit benefit system to stop their constituents suffering severe hardship over Christmas.

A group of 31 MPs writes to urge the government to postpone the introduction of universal credit in their constituencies until after the festive period But the 31 MPs, whose constituencies will be affected, said it would cause misery for thousands of new claimants who may not get their first payments for up to seven weeks after applying.

On behalf of everyone at The DPS, we'd like to wish you a very merry Christmas.

Two articles , both from the Guardian , highlighting problems with the existing rollout , and premonitions of the forthcoming rollout extensions : https:// ...

Or sometimes I just twitch back and forth to make it go away.

It normally keeps me up for like 30 minutes then I can go back to sleep. It almost feels like I want to just rip my arm or my leg off and toss it against the wall.

And , what an end of the year it will be for many nationwide !

Some nights I cannot sleep because my arms and legs feel like its pulsating and it drives me nuts.

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I cannot describe the feeling to be honest, but pulsating is probably the closest to it.

I guess another way to describe it is the feeling of being tied in a knot, or as if there were ants crawling up and down my arms.

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