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"It's just a matter of formulating the right phrase, so let him collect his thoughts."However, if he remains totally tongue-tied and you don't want to put the pressure on, change the subject.

"Clearly he's struggling to express himself, so ease his anxiety by taking his mind off of it," says Robinson.

Handle-him help: Before you try to beat the info out of him, realize his "secret" may be something positive (like he booked a fun trip) or might not be about you.

\n Mention the words sharing and feelings in the same sentence and most guys — yes, even if they're super comfortable with you — will run to the nearest sports bar, where they can avoid using modern language entirely.

"Men are taught to stifle emotion, so they often have trouble verbalizing their thoughts and feelings," explains psychologist Alon Gratch, Ph D, author of If Men Could Talk.

It could even just be that the dude had a crummy day at work.

But one thing is certain: When your guy turns his head to the right or left midconversation so you're talking to him in profile, he's in no mood to chat.

"Men require space in order to maintain their sense of independence, which is a central component to their identity," says Gratch.

"Often, they want to feel as though they've dealt with a particular issue on their own without any assistance from a significant other."Translation: Getting in his face will only serve to push him further away.No, he's not ready for a nap, but he is ready for bed."When people feel a strong sexual urge, they lapse into a more restful, dreamy state," explains Givens, "which is why this expression is commonly referred to as bedroom eyes."Handle-him help: You already know he's hot for you, so while you're out in public, work him into a superstrong sexual state with a little hands-off foreplay."Whisper some sexy compliment or all the naughty things you're going to do to him when you get home, or lean in and blow lightly in his ear to stimulate the ultrasensitive area near his eardrum," says sexologist Logan Levkoff."Then go back to mingling with your friends as if nothing happened.Then when he does seem more like himself, approach him and say something like "What was going on before?

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