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It was much faster, but still not too hard for her.As he breathed fast she moaned more and more, her fantasy had came true so quickly, that was enough to make her cum he could tell she was nearly on her climax, so he got on his knees on the couch and penetrated her deeper. And he came with her, hard, like ropes of cum spraying into her.

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She thought it was beautiful, better than the ones she'd seen before, a real man's cock. He moved her quickly to against the counter, she went ahead and dropped her trousers.

He lifted her onto the counter, moved her legs up against her, facing them up, pulled up her panties without taking them off her.

She took him without answring to her couch, noticing that same great ass, sat him down, she sat facing him.

"So Dani told me about you, it sounded great, but I'm not like her, I'm not coy like her". "Yeah but I can tell you what I want", she said as she grabbed his bulge, "this is good".

She unzipped him and reached in, feeling all over it, "she was right, this seems very filling".

She went and pulled down his jeans and boxers right to his feet, rubbed his dick up and down. She sucked much harder than Dani, harder than most girls. He did quickly, she got on her knees, took it into her mouth.

Like Dani her appetite had changed, to a need for hardcore fucking. She answered the door in a skimpy little outfit, a soft little plaid skirt and a white top that opened very easily.

And she liked what she saw, she thought the same as Dani. ", he asked, he'd never seen her before, all he knew was she'd met Dani a few weeks ago, but that was all he needed to know.

She moaned softer as her climax ended he kept his cock moving, slower and slower, until he took it out. ------------------------------------------------- Isabella waited in her flat, she called him only ten minutes ago, but she knew he'd hurry.

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