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My dad was a doctor, my mom was a nurse he met on the job.I was born in 1949, so the 60s were my teen and college years, and man they were great.Like I said, my dad was a doctor, so he made a pretty good paycheck.

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I apologized, of course, then me and Laura went to the drive in.

So those are some of my memories of the 1960s( I could tell you pages).

), so my sister and I always had the latest hairstyles, records, clothes, etc. My dad's war buddy came back to be a Ford dealer, so we always had Ford Motor Co. Because of that we usually got custom paint jobs, interior jobs etc., for ridiculously low prices.

My mom had a 1959 Ford Ranch Wagon, with salmon/coral pink and white on the outside, and chocolate brown and pink benchseats.

He taught the local kids, including my siblings and I everything we had to know regarding swimming, and he ran a tight ship, with firm rules, when he manned Valley Pond.

As a kid, I was fairly isolated socially in many respects, but being a teenager during the 1960's was a beautiful time to be a teenager, despite a lot of the bad stuff that happened, and all the turbulence that took place.

The girl in my dormitory told me that House in the Pines was not only a real snob school, but the girls spent hours on end being catty and spiteful, and constantly putting each other down..

Moreover, my dorm mate knew the daughter of our family friends and couldn't stand her.bit.

Often enough, I enjoyed riding my bicycle to school, even in high school, which was in one of the next towns over, since our town was too small to afford its own high school.

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