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My thoughts would be if your with another INFP forget about who needs to be in charge and enjoy giving to each other. I do agree with adagio in that I can't do anonymous or non-committed sex because it takes away the special bond between you and your partner. The only thing is that INFP doesn't seem to like to make the first move to the next base well.Hands down, far and away, giving is the greatest part. And yeah, I could cuddle all damn day and just listen to her. I'd rather have you as [just] a friend then a fling if that's the case. Essentially, I was always in charge if sex happened or not.I think it's mostly an early problem, because I can be pretty shy initially.

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I think our strength comes in being a dreamer good at fantasies and being able to bring that to the bedroom.

i can only agree with what others have said, but also to add, I am very dominant in the bedroom, which is probably a learned trait. We are awkward as can be when it comes to making a move. If I notice that she likes dominant, aggressive behavior in bed-- I'll do it.

-May think about casual sex, but it's a 99% ruse -- his brain prefers to get you hooked on him for more than that. -May be less inclined for S&M, but will still spank you. ;) -Is immensely curious in gauging your reactions/responses.

He only wants to elicit good ones = pure motivation for him! I've often struggled with the whole 'first move' thing.

But I am always looking for my soul mate in an , unfortunate, sea of dead souls.

But I'm patient, so in the meantime I compartmentalize sex/love the best I can in order to cope with the true reality we all suppress due to FEAR both natural and imposed.

What I do is find someone that enjoys being dominated immensely without using violence (choking out right before going unconscious is fine I feel, if done correctly) and the least amount of degradation possible so I don't violate my morals/values too bad, (anything else goes) so I can release my dark energy I have absorbed through my exploration of truth by simultaneously pleasing my partner.

So, I try to use my Domineering expression in bed as a type of therapy. Also, if you think about it us INFP's probably make the safest Dom's due to our ability to be incredibly in-tuned with our and other peoples feelings.

But once I receive even the tiniest 'go' signal, I shift into travel-guide mode and work toward taking the person on some incredible space-time journey in order to leave them with a meaningful and fulfilling experience. When there is safety, security, trust, and connection, we can not only go-with-the-flow, but if we're really connected, we can direct the flow as if with one mind. I can definitely imagine the power struggle (who takes the leading role). I try to be very aware of my partner and I get the most satisfaction by putting their needs before mine and seeing that they are reaching their ecstasy excites me.

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