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Beta is most certainly the most important woman in Axl's life.His former assistant was Colleen Combs, who Beta replaced.

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He will have sex with a blonde and those he has been involved with are bleached blondes who are natural brunettes.

He has never been seen with or taken a photo with a red head.

Sabrina Okamoto is Axl's masseuse who has been with him for several years.

She tours with him and massages his back before and after each show.

I shudder to think how Axl will handle it when she dies, as we all will someday.

I know that without Beta's love and support, he would not have transcended his breakup with Stephanie and might have even committed suicide.

Axl supported her three children and sent them to college.

Vanessa seems to be sharing in her mother's assistant duties.

Girlfriend: Michelle Young (1984-1985, song My Michelle is about her) She and Axl had a brief romantic interlude. Songs Estranged, Better, Madagascar, and There Was A Time are about her) Girlfriend: Jennifer Driver (1993-1994, Guess jeans and nude model, no bio available.) Girlfriend: Lindi Hingston: (1994-2003 or 2004) 29 year old South African model, no other info available Girlfriend: Diane O'Connor (2003 or 2004-May 18, 2006, Michael Hilfiger's ex wife.

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