Is george clooney dating someone new

Anyway, it sounds like commitment phobic actor has gotten tired of just arm candy and has now gravitated towards someone that can carry on a seriously intellectual conversation! 19th print edition of GLOBE Magazine, George has taken a serious liking to Nicole Pearson, an L. George then put a hokey spin on it by having his assistant send Nicole a box of chocolates and quoting lyrics to the old Archies song, .

The two were introduced through a mutual friend and really hit it off.

In March, the two went on a trip to Tanzania, where they were snapped getting cozy during a safari, and they also visited the Seychelles.

A few days later, the couple stepped out together in New York City for dinner at a French restaurant.

These women always think that they have changed him and that he is going to propose.

In actuality, once they start to drop hints about vows George consistently takes 3 steps back.

VIDEO: The Real Cost of Movie Weddings The most obvious follow-up question to a buzzworthy engagement is: What about the ring?!

Thankfully, we’ve answered that question for you nearly a hundred times over!

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I think it’s like they want the people they love to know that this is real, that they plan on being together forever.” The engagement happened “not that long ago, I think,” the source adds, and the couple don’t appear to have wedding plans in the works – yet.

Commitment phobic to the millionth power is what he is.

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