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Granddaughter: Liday Bundy (daughter of son William Bundy). Witnesses: Thomas Woodley, Ruth Retton, John Symons.

Daughter: Mary Bundy ("tract of land I bought of my brother Samuel Bundy").

(Two wills, one original and one copy.) No probate.

Probably this date was 1736, as the will was recorded March 2, 1736.

Remarks: The date of probate is evidently incorrect, as the will is dated eight months later.

Daughters: Ann, Martha, Mary, Sarah (each 150 acres of land). Witnesses: Thomas Monders, Thomas Smith, Martha Brown.

Sons: John ("ye manner planta- tion"), Thomas (150 acres of land), Jacob (150 acres of land).

Will orders that houses and lots in Wilmington be sold.

Witnesses to Codicil: Stephen Lee, Rich'd • and Jacob Biddle.

Sons: David (200 acres of land on the North East of New River adjoining the Desert), Cornelius (300 acres of land on the North side of the North East of New River with a grist mill on the same), John (320 acres of land on the South side of the North East of New River).

Sons: John (300 acres land on South side Orreroy Swamp), David ("plantation lying in Verjenea"), Benjamin ("plantation Abstract of Wills, 1690—1760.

Sons: John ("land I bought of Thomas Stanton"), Benjamin ("tract of land whereon I now dwell"), Samuel ("all my land up Little River").

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