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"Why would anyone want to use their phone as a webcam?

" This was the most common reaction people had when we told them what we were trying to do, but there are actually some pretty good reasons to do this.

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This works even if your phone is locked, but the video stutters.

For optimal performance, we recommend that you keep the Android app open and turn off auto-lock on the phone. Restart Skype (if it is open) and select Droid Cam Source 1 as the webcam (explained after the i Phone section).9. i Phone If you're using an i Phone then you can use Epoc Cam.

Open the Windows client and paste the IP on the computer.5.

If you have a slow Internet connection, pick Low from the Video Quality drop-down menu.6. Now you'll see video from the phone on the Droid Cam Windows app.

On the other hand, Epoc Cam is free (with ads) and it is very easy to set up. Download the Epoc Cam app on your i OS device and Windows or Mac machine.3.

When you install Epoc Cam it will prompt you to install some drivers. These are audio and video drivers that let the app act as a webcam.4.This is how: Android Here's how to set up your Android smartphone as a webcam.IP Webcam does not work with Skype, so you'll need to install Droid Cam and its PC client for this to work:1. Download and install the Droid Cam client on your computer.To set up a security camera on Android, follow these steps.1. Force close them from the app switcher before you proceed.4. We tried setting up Pocket Cam, but the process was too complicated and even when we did manage to set it up, we found that the free version limits you to black-and-white video and no audio.Connect your computer and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network.2. There's a paid version that gives you access to all of Pocket Cam's features. Make sure your phone and computer are on the same Wi-Fi network.2.There's no recording feature in this app, but you can easily setup a screen recorder app such as Camstudio on your computer to record the feed from your i Phone, if you want to use the phone as a security camera and not a CCTV feed.

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