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Fonzie and Pinky have both decided to get married but certain events may prevent them from doing so.Pinky's fame causes Fonzie to feel overshadowed,especially when she says that Fonzie will also be on her payroll like an employee and when a reporter makes the error of calling him "Mr. Will they be able work things out and walk down the aisle together ?

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The quiz show scandals of the 1950s are the center of this episode, in which Richie is a contestant on a locally produced quiz show named "Big Money." His ethics and conscience are put to the test when, after an early run of success, he realizes he has been given the answer to the grand-prize question.

Howard wants a Christmas with just the family but Richie finds out that Fonzie,despite his claims, is going to be alone for Christmas.

The height of the Cold War and fears of an apocalyptic war breaking out at any moment take center stage in this episode, where Howard ponders purchasing a bomb shelter for his family's protection.

Richie's friends quickly learn about the shelter and ask if, in the event of war, they can stay too.

While they're in town he wants to use Richie's home for the band because they can't rehearse with groupies surrounding their hotel. Before this, Richie already told people he knows leader, Rocky Rhodes, and has guaranteed his friends free concert tickets.

Which end up being in the "rafters" so Richie's rep. Will Rocky be able to redeem Richard's reputation as an honest guy?

Richie's dad Howard is called but after being unable to reason with Kirk, Howard is jailed along with the boys.

Worst of all,they have to put up with Potsie's depressing singing and a drunken man.

Richie discovers a new meaning to give and take when they kick Fonzie out of the band but need him later for a fight.

Richie is called upon for a favor by an old friend from summer camp (possibly older than he),who is now the member of a successful rock and roll band called "Fish and The Fins".

Basically comparing Fonzie's draw to that of Elvis.

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