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I didnt realize how much of a freak she was until we started filming. You name it she will do it and on top of it all she real cool and down to earth. Someone going to wife this cute freaky little ho up. I had Rome Major tear this pussy up in every postion and she was taking it like a champ. When I first seen her, I thought she was mixed with Filipino n black but she says she 100% black.

I was more like the fluffer, fingering her ass and pussy. Hell, that’s just makes her even sexier..a sexy Nubian queen.

Well, she didn’t have time to hang, cause the fucking never stopped!! @Latin King Kush yeah i filmed her with macana man and jose theres a preview their somewehre and filmed her with redzilla getting head only.

Especially, when i had the homies Puerto Rock and Ludus Adonis come through. @Susie too bad, you will be spit on espeically if u a white girl.

Just look at those innocent Asian eyes and the way her Thia dicksucking skillz, I could say no to her, she almost made me cry.

hell, who would say no to her, I was about to put a ring on her finger. We dont use 4k cause its only needed for big screens and i would be hard to stream online. He new to thehabibshow, but he was poping her pussy and she was feeling his dick. The video is around 30minutes and its all in the members area. She performed on stage Roxy Reynolds got in on it and a whole buch of porn hoes got on stage.. By the end of the night, she was a little tipsy and was out on stage freestylin with her natural beautiful black hair. One thing i like about two-pack he always has a women. The hotel room had NO TV , Phone or Air conditioner and it was over 95 degree outside. the whole 45 minute movie is in the members area with 100's of pictures. She is 22 years old, thai, petite and fine as hell. Man, I dont even know where to begin, I went to the Urban X awards with my homie Suave XXX from Suave XXX. Just image a bunch of pornstars drunk and high all in the same building.. He's been with her for months now and it looks like one of those pretty fucked up relationships. Hell, even the Big ass roachs were trying to climb up the ceiling to get some fresh air, but this one landed on this Fine Looking, dark skinned Dominican pussy ho I was Fucking. Man, she has those Juicy, luscious lips that were ment for dick Sucking. Just like all women from around the world, She is looking for a Rich Man to marry. She really was getting into it and the way she sucks dick had me drooling. If you all dont know Two-Pack he a real street hood nigga and he dont play with these hos. Maybe cause it was the good chemistry she had with the homie, BBC King Kreme. Cherokee Dass was there gettin her grove on with Suave, Misty stone and a whole bunch of freak pornstars. It looks like he got a new white girl MILF on his side. I decided to stay in a cheap ass hote to save some money, so i can film more dominican porn. These are the magic words this thailand pussy hoes wants to hear... I met this Thailand Asian Slut in Bangkok, Thailand. They were fucking her in all types of positions just watching her sexy round bubble butt ass bounce back n forth on that dick made me quiver. Her name is lusty she is thick 21 years old sexy ass, phat booty stripper who works at The Factory (its a strip club in the chi). imma film her again when i see her @Darryl you need to walk the walk first.

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