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See full summary » Director: Luis Carlos Hueck A groups of women in modern America going through life and the intense challenges that are part of every relationship.

Despite being from different backgrounds Stars: Patrice Fisher, Johanna Quintero, Laila Odom, Maya Dunbar In San Juan, Puerto Rico, after two gristly murders, the murderer has used the victims' blood to paint the walls by the bodies.

Dmitri has fantasies of Lauren while making love to Brenda. Stars: Patrice Fisher, Johanna Quintero, Maya Dunbar, Laila Odom Dmitri and Lauren continue to get closer. A planned outing between Portia and Earnest has tragic consequences. There is a new hot club in town, co-owned by two women -- Jade, a childhood friend of the ... Stars: Patrice Fisher, Johanna Quintero, Maya Dunbar, Laila Odom Maricruz continues to have sexy dreams. Taariq confronts Ana Marie after she stays out all night.

Meanwhile, Brenda spies on Dmitri and Lauren; and Earnest's revenge plot thickens.

In the series finale, Dmitri's surprise birthday party for Lauren proves quite revelatory and surprising, especially after Brenda sneaks into the bash and takes a couple of partygoers hostage at gunpoint.

Meanwhile, Spencer has problems with just being considered a booty call to Jennifer; and Gabriel suspects there may be something more to the close relationship his wife has developed with his best friend.

Lauren is shocked by the person she finds at Dmitri's place after accepting his offer to meet for drinks; and Earnest grows closer to his sister-in-law, but a surprise visit from Portia distracts him.

Zane's The Jump Off is an American television series on the Cinemax network, created by Zane.

The series follows the lives of five successful African American men from all sorts of backgrounds as it tells the stories of their everyday lives. Football star Dmitri hosts a party at his nightclub, The Jump Off, with his frat brothers to celebrate the break-up of Woody Wood's marriage.Ana Marie engages in an affair, jeopardizing her relationship with Taariq. Taariq decides to give Ana Marie a taste of her own medicine ... Stars: Patrice Fisher, Johanna Quintero, Maya Dunbar, Laila Odom Esteban leaves Lyric over her relations with John. Director: Jean Moody Ana Marie and Taariq share a romantic evening on the rooftop that ends with a surprise. Maricruz is surprised to find she is having hot fantasies about her ex-husband, Randall. See full summary » Stars: Patrice Fisher, Johanna Quintero, Maya Dunbar, Laila Odom John shows up at Lyric and Estaban's office for a little "doctor on doctor" examination.See full summary » Director: Shawn Foster Patience hires a P. Patience gets a surprise of her own regarding her relationship with Greg. See full summary » Director: Shawn Foster The women learn how to enhance their sexual pleasure through a series of classes. Hunter and Kerrigan exchange words over Patience at the Flava office. See full summary » Director: Shawn Foster Patience worries about Hunter's quick change of demeanor as the two continue to get reacquainted.An agnostic Jesuit priest, whose brother was the first victim... Teddy Garces, Kinyumba Mutakabbir Five sexy friends who are at different stages in their relationships find an escape from their day-to-day lives by reading hot, steamy, fantasy stories on the blog of erotic writer Zane. Chandler and Earnest have angry words over Earnest's ... Raven, Sean Riggs, Tanjareen Thomas Dmitri picks up his frat brother Earnest Bishop from prison.See full summary » Director: William Gove Five fraternity brothers in their 30s bond with each other and their women in this dramatic series created, executive produced and written by New York Times Bestselling Author Zane, who was also behind Zane's Sex Chronicles. Directors: Shawn Foster, Terri Hanauer NFL star Dmitri Vance and his frat brothers celebrate the break-up of Woody Wood's marriage at his club, "The Jump Off". See full summary » Director: Jean Moody Sparks are starting to fly all over. Earnest begins the long process of rebuilding his life, which includes reaching out to his ex-wife Portia. Director: Jean Moody Earnest sees ex-wife Portia with her new boyfriend.Woody and Kenya reignite the passion in their relationship. The women go to a sex toy party and encourage Maricruz to tune in to her sexuality more. Brenda refuses to make it easy for Dmitri to leave her.

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