Lomonosov endgame table bases online dating

Experts didn’t expect 7-piece endings to be cracked and catalogued until after 2015, but Convekta Ltd, namely programmers Zakharov and Makhnichev - the developers of the Aquarium interface - managed to solve this task in just 6 months using a new algorithm designed specifically for this purpose and run on the Lomonosov supercomputer based in the Moscow State University. The calculations for 6 pieces playing against a lone king weren’t done because the outcome is rather obvious.

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Of course, traditional computers cannot handle such a large task.

Currently the algorithm is adapted to a quantum computer.

In the beginning of the 90-s, the same task was done for 5-pieces.

In 2005, 6-piece endings were solved in Nalimov Tablebases which are now used by many professional chess programs and services.

Create an account on and enter this license key you will receive upon purchase.

You will be restricted to 6-man tablebases until you enter the key.

Has anyone had better luck or know of any other site with 7 pieces tablebases?

Update: in the end I discovered that Final Gen solved a vast majority of positions I was interested in, included those with more than 7 pieces.

had looked for a dup, but somehow missed that question... Is it correct to assume that chessok site only provides free access to 6 pieces and less, while 7 pieces require a license key?

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