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In addition, each town has its own local festivals.

Those in the spring or summer are held to welcome the new agricultural cycle.

There are also minor gods, who are generally subject to human passions and weaknesses.

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After the abolition of the slave trade in 1807, British companies pushed beyond the coastal areas and aggressively pursued control of the interior.

The Protectorate of Southern Nigeria, created in 1900, included Igboland.

Reincarnation is seen as a bridge between the living and the dead.

The major beliefs of the Igbo religion are shared by all Igbo-speaking people.

Historians have proposed two major theories of Igbo origins.

One claims the existence of a core area, or "nuclear Igboland." The other claims that the Igbo are descended from waves of immigrants from the north and the west who arrived in the fourteenth or fifteenth century. European contact with the Igbo began with the arrival of the Portuguese in the mid-fifteenth century.

It explains what functions the heavenly and earthly bodies have and offers guidance on how to behave toward gods, spirits, and one's ancestors.

The Igbo believe the world is peopled by invisible and visible forces: by the living, the dead, and those yet to be born.

Igboland is located in southeastern Nigeria, with a total land area of about 15,800 square miles (about 41,000 square kilometers). The low-lying deltas and riberbank areas are heavily inundated during the rainy season, and are very fertile. The Udi highlands are the only coal-mining area in West Africa.

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