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For example, the stuuupidest one I remember was when he walked around the Ironbound section of Newark and went to a number of Iberian markets and restaurants and spoke with several proprietors.

I don't like Pioneer Woman because her food sounds really bland and disgusting. He's very arrogant and thinks his opinion on food is just oh so important. I don't like Alton Brown because he undercooks food and flirts with food borne diseases.

Whereas his opinion on food is no more important than his opinion on hair. You can't do that when doing recipes for the public.

I saw her hawking her wares on some shopping channel the other day, and she was herself. I don't hate Emeril, but I imagine he's probably a kinky bottom, panties, diapers or some such. He actually is a properly trained chef with years of running world class restaurants behind him, not a cook with a famous dad and connected media husband who died tragically young so got sympathy point and a talent for sucking and licking things in a lascivious manner on camera (hello Nigella). I hear that voice in another room, and I run in to change the station. The number of times he says "actually"and "we're kinda going to"per episode is unforgivable. ) has a show on a British food channel and he is supremely annoying. A lot of his cooking is more to feed his huge his 'ego' and for audience 'shock value.'R54 - I like Alton Brown because he caters to 'cooks', not chefs. Although, it has been awhile since I've had Food Network, or HGTV on my television, so things may have changed. The best moment on Top Chef ever was the other guys kicking his ass and shaving his head. Rachel did a book signing a few years ago at our book store and I was curious. When Guy Fieri hangs out in those diners, drive ins and dives sampling the food, it is nausea inducing.

Eating up all the food in the counter, to the point she had her mouth full when the hostess threw her a line. But she had some damned good recipes too, back ub the day. You can tell by looking at Lydia Bastianich that she's been through some shit, and come out of it alright, a strong woman of character. I adore Sara Moulton, but I know, this is a hate thread. She is a testament to being a glitzy drunk bimbo for rich guys. [qoute]I remember when Sarah Molton had a wonderful cooking show. As for hating chefs (and calling Ray a chef is just silly, of course), Lidia Nastiabitch seems like the kind of person who would shit on you if you weren't a big name. And that hideous son of hers - snide and haughty, and the daughter - mommy-bought Ph D and desperate incompetence showing. I stopped liking Lidia when that story broke about her keeping this woman prisoner at her house in Douglaston. Plus I never liked Lidia's food as much as either Marcella's or Giuliano's. I don't know how he could make it onto this thread. His shtick is to take '"well-known" and "well-loved" staples say, Fish and Chips and reconstitute the F&C flavor into say, a frozen dessert, or a souffle or a sausage roll. The producers are always attempting to add 'drama' to these cable programs, and it's always so obvious it's contrived. And who is that southern hag on PBS who blew her family's money starting a restaurant. I was surprised to read he was best friends with fuckable Spike Mendelsohn. I dislike a lot of the chefs and "chefs" mentioned already but I'll add Tom Colicchio to the list. There is no 1 person, or small group of people who have "better taste" in comparison to everyone else. People are Pioneer Woman, Guy Fieri, and Rachel Ray. Who is the sort of heavy set woman with the blonde spikey hair who has a show? An Italian chef named Biba Caggiano who had a short lived TV show on TLC.

No Giada is the winner, she's a homewrecking whore who doesn't actually cook anything and hires actors to portray her friends on her shows. I think that dumb smile is one of those phony set of wax lips that were around when I was a kid. Also, her whole family will be having bypass surgery given that butter she uses is practically everything.

The longest 2 seconds of silence known to man as RR is deflated before millions of viewers with a big smile plastered on. I saw her when I was visiting relatives in Florida who watch her show. He had a show, but got cancelled, and is now 'head chef' at The Cactus Club Cafe, where girls in tight, short dresses are the entree for leering old men. Robert Morley) is a bit long, but shows her in full haughty mode as she dressed down the home-cook winner of a contest who was to do the menu for a big do. There is her, the evil annoying obnoxious fake awful horrible chef from hell... Praying mantis of death, plus she doesn't need to work. Canada has it's own Bobby Flay, in the name of Rob Feenie.R21 I remember Benny Hill's parodies of her but never actually saw her show.Another Canadian cook I hate is some bint named Nadia G. Mario and Emeril seemed to mess up their food adding way too mush crap on it. " Alan Alda's first words to Rachel Ray upon making a grand entrance to rapturous applause. That southern chick who lives on a ranch, Dee something or other.

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