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Recent genetic studies have shown that the people of ancient Egypt had ties to ancient Near Eastern populations such as Armenians.This is also consistent with the idea of a large migration out of the Middle East to settle parts of North Africa and Europe and mingle with local populations in those areas.The suggestion that it might have had more ties to the Middle East might appear, to some, to once again deny the virtues of African civilizations by saying that ancient Egypt was another Middle Eastern civilization and not truly African.

So far, genetic studies of modern Egyptians as well as archaeological research have confirmed this.

Studies of the ancient Egyptian mummies, however, tell a slightly more complex story.

The fact that people of the same phenotypical physical and behavioral traits who are isolated great distances from each other, can have greater difference from each other than a different race of people who resides closer.

That fact simply means that VAST differences in DNA can exist between people of the same race who are isolated great distances from each other, but their racial classifications remain the same….

Phenotypic traits of organisms is what defines racial classifications, and nothing else..

So a small sampling of Egyptians from a late antiquity somehow is proof that the very first Egyptians were related to Middle Easterners?

The Hyksos were a Middle Eastern people who occupied the Nile delta sometime before 1650 BC and came to rule Egypt until they were ousted by a native dynasty.

This explanation fits well with the fact that it is the mummified remains of Egyptian nobles and royalty who have the Middle Eastern lineage, although it is also true that commoners were typically not mummified - so we don’t have their remains from which to extract genetic material to test the “Hyksos” hypothesis.

In 2016, genetic evidence was found that Europeans are at least partially descended from farmers who had migrated into Europe from Anatolia perhaps 8,000 years ago.

It is possible that just as farmers migrated from the Middle East into Europe, they may have also migrated into Egypt and mingled with the native African populations to create the Egyptian culture.

This is an interesting find since it suggests that modern Egyptians are more African than ancient Egyptians.

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