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Because "onset" doesn't affect just the size of the backpayment, it can affect medical coverage.Filing for disability in California How do I Apply for Disability Benefits in California How long should you wait before you apply for disability?Many states have what is known as a "waiting period" or "waiting week" as part of the unemployment insurance laws.

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While receiving unemployment, you need to be actively willing to work, and looking for work, definitions of which vary by state.

The unemployment claim date is also referred to as the "Effective Date" of your claim.

In New York, for example, there is an unpaid waiting period equivalent to one week of unemployment benefits.

Minnesota has a "non payable" waiting week before benefits can be collected.

Now (another potentially confusing wrinkle), how far back the onset can be established will depend on when a social security disability claimant filed an application.

This is a limiting factor; however, SSDI benefits can be paid 12 months retroactive to the date of an SSDI application.Here's a quote from "Before they can get Medicare coverage, people with disabilities must first receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) for 24 months.But SSDI generally does not begin until five months after an individuals disability has been certified.Now to address an issue that can be confusing, if things aren't already.In some cases, depending on the claimant's established onset date, they will have to wait 2 years before receiving medicare.If you lose your job, and plan to file for unemployment, do so promptly.

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