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Most pick up artist forums or books will tell you to go up and ask a ridiculous question like who lies more, or make up a story about your friends gf. All you have to do is go up to a girl and tell her you think she looks really nice. So you can assume something about here instead.[quote]”I really like your look and style, you look like your from Sweden or something.”[/quote]What this does is opens up a real interest to a girl and takes all the pressure off her.

That’s the big secret.“Hey, I just saw you and I wanted to tell you I think you look really nice.”How nice and easy does that sound. You are paying a beautiful girl a compliment and no matter if she is interested or not one thing will happen. When you are asking question after question all the pressure is on her.

But with a unique plan of action that makes the interaction smooth, takes out the need for goodlooks, and just plain works.

These guys put hour’s and hours of trial and error into approaching women on the street to create the perfect “blueprint” for picking up perfect 10’s.

This is nonsense.2) There’s the normal unplanned way Getting closer.“Hello, my names Sean. ”The normal way can definitely work, if the woman is attracted to you.

But it is not solid and relies on looks.3) There’s the way The method is a normal, sincere way of picking up women.

They now pick up perfect 10’s on a daily basis and run bootcamps all over the world teaching men how to do the same.

They are living examples that with practice you can accomplish anything and truly inspire me. Here’s a nice little video collaboration of Tom Torero picking up women during the day.

She may not, but if you approach 10 girls like this you are bound to get a few.b) Use assumption stacking and build report: With assumption stacking you will not only impress her with your open, but you will start to build attraction and report. This is the perfect base for starting a successful day game campaign, but there are many advanced techniques that you can learn. They have beautiful videos and programs that can explain things way better than I ever could in an article.2) Get out and start trying this stuff out With what I’ve given you int his article you have enough information toa) Get out and start actually picking hot women up during the dayb) Master the basics and develop your own style.

This will greatly increase your chances at getting a phone number or date. There will still be rejections, but the more you approach the more success you will have. No matter how much you read, and watch at or anywhere else you will never develop the way those guys did without going out and doing it.

It would be a completely fine, natural thing to do. If you run right in front of her and invade her personal space, you are going to freak her out. Here’s Tom doing a quick Yad stop and describing the importance of it.

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