Online dating misleading pictures

According to, researchers at the University of Connecticut studied 305 participants ages 17-36 and found that men viewed women with enhanced photos as more attractive but less trustworthy.

However, it turns out women viewed men with enhanced photos as more attractive As usual, online dating among the sexes is woefully unfair, but the really interesting question that the results engender is this: when it comes to your self-presentation in a dating profile, is it more important to look attractive or trustworthy?

Instead, Ettin suggests truthfully answering the body type question, which most sites ask with a dropdown menu of limited options like "slender" and "stocky."3.

Physique If it seems like the majority of men on dating sites describe themselves as "athletic and toned," your eyes aren't fooling you—though the guys may be hoping that description will.

which seems to be where this lot became a bit unstuck.

Obviously there's something to be said for making yourself stand out, but whether posting a shot of your bare bum or superimposing yourself onto a unicorn is quite the way forward remains to be seen.

And a study from dating site Ok Cupid confirms taller men receive more messages.

The same study shows shorter women get the attention, so it's ill-advised to pad your numbers.2.

"Trust is an important part of any relationship and it certainly plays an important role in the forging of new social bonds in the dating context.

Yet, we found an interesting relationship between attractiveness and trust for males who were viewing female profile pictures.

Still, at least these guys and girls are making some effort.

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