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Many girls from both countries come to Panama City for work, not just as prostitutes.

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The number of foreigners has driven rent prices up considerably.

Food is not much cheaper either when compared to the United States. I struggled to find restaurants I liked during my time in the city.

The Colombian Hookers: When you arrive in Panama City most tend to think the average girl is hotter than she is due to all the Colombian hookers.

They inflate the average up and are often some of the hottest women you will see in Panama City on any given day.

I threw on a button down and walked toward Calle Uruguay, one of the bar districts in PTY. We finally met on a dark street and she greeted me with an angry look. I was staring for a moment too long and she gave me a look. In my mind, I was thinking this is what I came for. I teased her ruthlessly about how much she undersold her English abilities. I figured she was a lost cause as something about the vibe just wasn’t on.

She said she was just testing me to see if I was trying to learn Spanish. Then she texted me the next morning saying something about me being “a bad boy” and what not. After our second round of sex, she turned over to me and glowingly said, “I didn’t expect this to happen.” I was baffled. You didn’t even let me grab a drink of water before you wanted to start hooking up. Of course I didn’t say that, but that’s what I was thinking.

However, Casco Viejo (not in the city center) is not totally safe.

Be careful if you veer away from the safer tourist areas of Casco – as the ghetto borders the outskirts of the old city and is crime ridden.

There was one girl from Ok Cupid I had pipelined before I arrived, and we finally found a time to meet.

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