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The amount deducted is set by the employer, and disclosed to employee-participants.

The US Labor Department is currently auditing 401k plans of all sizes because of a trend that may violate current pension laws.

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Policymakers and plan sponsors seeking to structure well-managed 401ks for their aging workforces are beginning to acknowledge the negative impact hidden fees has on eroding pension accumulations for retirement.

What might appear to be a small difference in deducted investment fees can result in substantial differences in eventual retirement benefits.

Please Note: All first-year clients are charge the one-time only plan set-up fee.

The pricing above applies to the first year of service only.

The impact of these confusing hidden fees on plan participants' retirement accounts can be very significant over time.

As example, consider a hypothetical 401k investment such as a mutual fund, with deducted expense fees of 1.3 percent versus one with fees of just .3 percent.

These unnecessary marketing fees include revenue-sharing fees, agent and broker commissions, and rebates to third-party administrators for pre-packaging mutual funds into the 401k plans.

Demos.org, a well-regarded national non-profit research organization, calculates these unnecessary, non-essential marketing fees cost the typical 401k investor approximately 5,000 in lost value for the lifetime of his or her account!

According to a study of 401k fees by AARP (AARP.org), "When plan participants were asked whether they pay any fees for their 401(k) plan, eight in ten (83%) reported that they did not pay any fees." For example, a 30-year old who saves 0 a month in the 401k may be charged approximately 6,000 in unnecessary, non-essential Marketing Fees by age 65.

For more examples of the losses caused by 401k Marketing Fees to various sample investors, please click here.

Many in the 401k industry are launching the same kind of PR assault, confusing and clouding the issue, but what is really at stake is the end of their 401k hidden fee gravy train, pure and simple.

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