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Typically this would be done in the context of a fluent configuration setup, but I ll just illustrate with the Auto Map on it s own.

The session for getting id without commiting is good, but when migrating to EF I dont miss that anymore.

Ook speelde hij de rol van dominee Matthew Fordwick in The Waltons.

A parallel universe doppelgänger of Felicity from Earth-X is also introduced, a concentration camp prisoner, during the Crisis on Earth-X crossover; Oliver saves this Felicity when he was stranded in Earth-X with other heroes.

Remove(line); } Passing Orders Context parameter to the entity’s method breaks the Separation of Concerns principles, because the Order class becomes aware of how it is stored in the database.

Order); Â Â Â Â Â Â Â } Â Â Â } Â Â Â } Clearly, this is not how you’d like to build your domain entities as you directly include an infrastructure class in your domain class.

If you want to learn more about how to build a rich domain model having an ORM at hand, you can watch my Pluralsigh course Domain-Driven Design in Practice.

Now, let’s also say that the Order class has a precondition to belong to one of the customers.

In contrast, NHibernate can detect an object’s state by its Id and doesn’t try to insert this object if it’s already in the database, so the NHibernate’s version would be the same as the non-ORM one.

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