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Or maybe your friend only ever wants to talk about him or herself, and never about you."Some people just take from friendships without giving anything back," says Bonior."It can simply be that you feel frightened to share your opinions—you're constantly walking on eggshells because you're afraid of your partner's emotional reactions."A controlling partner may also ignore or overrule your opinions, even when you do have the confidence to voice them.

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No matter what the reason, make it clear that dishonesty won't be tolerated in your relationship, especially if you've notice a pattern that's likely to keep repeating.

Maybe you're the one who always reaches out, or you always make more of an effort to actually get together.

"But if that person brings something out in you and you feel yourself getting sucked into their bad behavior, that's not a healthy relationship."You may think you know what intimate partner violence looks like, but it isn't always as obvious as it seems.

"Grabbing her arm and saying ' Get back here, I'm not done talking to you,' or gripping his face and saying, ' Look at me when I talk to you,'—these behaviors don't necessarily cause physical damage, but they do represent low-level boiling-over points of conflict," says Quirk.

We all have that one friend who is in a terrible relationship with a person whom you simply cannot stand.

You know what I mean, the on-again off-again relationship…the one where your friend/family member is WAY too good for the person that they’re dating.

This type of behavior may be especially overlooked when a woman does it, she adds.

"For a long time, society accepted it as funny or spunky, but we wouldn't look at it the same why if the genders were reversed."Punching a wall or throwing objects during fights should also be seen as red flags, says Quirk.

Not only are these unhealthy ways of regulating emotions, but they could escalate to actions that really do cause harm.

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