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Insiders have revealed the former couple, who famously split in 2009 after she was left battered and bruised, has even taken tentative steps towards a romantic reunion.

Brown, 27, may finally be showing signs that he’s maturing after he posted an emotional response after seeing an Instagram video that showed a mother teaching her daughter positive affirmations, reminding her that she is everything from “smart” to “funny.” “This honestly had me in tears but of joy! “This is what makes me continue to wanna be better and also have faith in humanity.” “I commend this wonderful little girl and her mother most of all for being able to understand the hurt that a child may go through but the willingness to love yourself and be GREAT LIKE THE YOUNG KINGS AND YOUNG QUEENS WE ALL ARE!

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Kanye West’s new video shows various celebrities he’s been compared to or involved with lying naked next to him and Kim in a bed.

The realistic wax models are, lying from left to right, George W.

It’s a comment on fame.’ He added that when he showed the film to friends who weren’t in it, they said they ‘wanted to be in the bed’.

Last night Rihanna played Wembley but made no mention that she’d be turning up naked next to her former abuser today.

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