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This includes collecting and piling the elephant dung to use as compost, cleaning the elephant’s bed and helping with the harvesting of banana plants that we grow.

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Given the history some of these elephants have had, we do not endorse or allow any commercial riding of the elephant to take place at the project.

However, on your last day at the project we give you the option to climb aboard on an elephant in the river where you are able to make yet more amazing photos and memories!

There will also be the chance to learn about the temperament of the elephants and how to understand their behaviour.

As the elephants are older, they require regular health checks.

Get up close and personal to these majestic creatures.

Based on the exotic island of Sri Lanka you’ll provide these elephants with much needed daily, hands-on care.

The project fees for the programme are used to fund the care of the elephants.

You will be working alongside a mahout (elephant carer) who has years of experience and draws upon generations of tribal knowledge about elephants.

You will also have the chance to play with the elephants in the stream and communicate with the elephants through some of the commands you have learnt – an absolutely incredible experience to be part of!

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