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However I didn't want to discourage the girls and let them continue.Once, Leanne had reached a cute little orgasm, they stopped and we discussed what had happened, the girls were confused but I was patient and explained that it was ok. I travelled back home wondering what could have been.They started on their knees and started kissing softly, removing each others bras so their natural breasts were free.

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Actually if I was honest I thought Zena would take all three rounds.

The girls climbed on the bed and approached each other, more giggling.

The next day an email popped up it was from Zena, was I free in a couple of days the girls had been talking and wanted to try again.

They wanted a longer session and I would have to pay again, but they'd wanted to make my fantasy a reality.

Having recently inherited a considerable sum of money I decided that I would invest some of it, in living out my ultimate sexual fantasy, witnessing a real life sexfight.

I trawled through a website offering adult services and had already identified one of the girls who I wanted to employ for the purposes of this we will call her Zena.Ourgirls look like WWE divas, but actually fight for real in bikinis and lingerie!We mean what we say: The hottest girls, the most wrestling action, nothing posed for or scripted Golden Girls - Finally, to the enthusiasts of Female Fighting comes the Golden Girls.The first round we agreed on was breast to breast bear hugs until one girl could take no more.I put this one Zena's way as she was taller, heavier and more dominant.Real Matches, shot in a professional ring with no holds barred and no preplanned winner. Fighting Girls TV - We are a group of young girls, who like competitive submission an grappling fights.

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