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It is usually a good practice to remove these things.

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Note The name "apps for Share Point" is changing to "Share Point Add-ins".

During the transition, the documentation and the UI of some Share Point products and Visual Studio tools might still use the term "apps for Share Point".

The infrastructure will rerun the event, , up to three additional times.

After four timeouts, Share Point will roll back the entire add-in installation.

Since your service will be sending a cancel message to Share Point, the add-in will not be removed from the recycle bin.

If it is restored from there and used again, it may fail to work without that database entry.

実行します。アドインは、ハンドラーが完了するまで使用できませんし、ハンドラーはインストールをキャンセルできるからです (キャンセルすると、Share Point によってインストールの一部として実行された操作内容すべてがロールバックされます)。実際に、これはハンドラーにおけるエラーをキャッチして Share Point にインストール内容をロールバックするようにさせるベスト プラクティスです。詳細については、「アドイン イベント ハンドラーにロールバック ロジックと『既に実行』ロジックを含める」をご覧ください。The App Installed event runs immediately after Share Point has finished everything that it needs to do when the add-in is installed, but before the user is notified that installation is complete. The add-in is not available for use until after your handler has completed and your handler can cancel the installation (which will cause Share Point to roll back everything it has done as part of the installation).

In fact, it is a best practice to catch any errors in your handler and instruct Share Point to roll back the installation.

There are two ways to register a handler: When a registered event occurs, Share Point calls the appropriate method in your service and passes an object that provides some context information for your code.

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