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The 292 is the first sled I bought." It's great to see the old timers in action!

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Three people run to help, but flee as the driver runs up and starts stabbing Chernyk repeatedly.

But despite the dramatic collision, the 11-year-veteran was able to fend off his attacker, Edmonton Police Chief Rod Knecht said.'He was in a struggle for his life, holding on to his gun with one hand and blocking the knife with the other,' the chief explained.

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When the terrorist became agitated about them checking his document, he peeled off, starting a high-speed chase.

That chase ended when he entered the opposite lane, almost T-boned a vehicle and purposely drove into pedestrians, injuring four.Police set up checkpoints and stopped Sharif, who had taken a U-Haul cube van - later that night on Wayne Gretzky Drive.The name of the registered driver for the van was close to that of Sharif's, an officer said.Two have since been released from the hospital and one has been upgraded from critical to stable condition.Their injuries range from broken limbs to brain bleeding.The truck eventually flipped near a downtown hotel and the suspect was Tased and arrested. After his arrest, the attacker was identified as Sharif, a man from Somalia who has refugee status in Canada.

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