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In individual cases, candidates may be allowed to participate in the “standard procedure” under controlled conditions on a date fixed by the testing centre (university, etc.).

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Basically, it is an Internet-based, fill-in-the-blank test.

Candidates register for participation online, sign up for a testing date online and choose whether to take the German or English placement test.

A valid passport or ID card and the examination fee of € 195.- are required for registration.

Test Da F examines the following four language skills in separate subtests: reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing, speaking.

Many colleges in Germany also accept lower results (TDN 3). Before applying for a study place at your college of choice, please enquire as to which Test Da F result is required.

Many universities display these requirements on their website.

The Test Da F Institute is more than happy to help candidates determine which test is most suitable for them.

Refugees may register to take the free language placement test (focused versions) on the website https://refugees.onset.de/en/.

To determine the candidates’ language proficiency level and possible placement in a suitable preparatory language course, the Online Language Placement Test for Refugees (on SET) is now available free of charge: The on SET test is an online language placement examination for German or English as a foreign language.

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