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Chatroulette gained international attention in the form of viral videos as users shared the humorous, strange, and sometimes sexual experiences they had had while on the app.

But Chatroulette isn’t the only website available that offers the service of connecting everyone and anyone.

However, they can still be eager, sometimes impulsive teenagers, easily led into making mistakes.

While it’s undeniable that problematic and addictive media use is a reality, many of the issues that alarm parents and cause them to confront their teenagers may be more similar to real world challenges that teens face rather than symptoms of a new media apocalypse.

And unlike other aspects of a kid’s developmental trajectory, the challenges of the digital age aren’t something that parents today necessarily had to navigate in their adolescence.

Sign up for Time’s weekly parenting newsletter today. This leads to a lot of confusion, and I am often consulted on the best way to deal with challenging situations involving the internet and social media. The internet isn’t going away, and our children need to learn to live with it safely and healthily. A parent might notice, for example, that their teenager spends a lot of time messaging with friends, including frequent use of aggressive or insulting language toward others.

That’s because young people need to learn how to navigate the online world so they can reap the benefits and avoid or address the above scenarios on their own in the future.

And it’s good to have a helpful, understanding parent in their corner while they learn—not caregivers they are trying to outfox.

When teens login, OMEGLE randomly pairs them with another user and allows them to chat together privately either through text, video, or using a built-in microphone.

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