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Originally Posted by Willy_P This morning (May 10th in Northern California) my HTC 10 was upgraded to Firmware Version 1.53.617.5.

After a very short test, laser focusing seems to be improved but there is still room for more improvement. See screenshot Can you please post yours My reception is unfortunately worse than my Nexus 6 was and I'm hoping it's a baseband issue Sent from my HTC 10 using XDA-Developers mobile app just FYI - the May 10th update brings me back to the auto-focus problem.

I can't seem to figure out the solution to this issue, so I come to you lovely people for help.

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Threaded This is what the Inbox looks like when the messages are threaded.

You’ll see the first item shows a “(4)” in it to indicate there are four messages in the conversation, because it includes both the messages sent and the messages received.

One of my least favorite things is when they make the option I don’t like the default :).

Recently I’ve seen several comments from friends about how they hate that Gmail and Yahoo Mail now thread email conversations instead of simply displaying all the received messages in chronological order.

reboot into bootloader, then recovery and format cache.

i received the laser autofocus error once on the first reboot and have not seen it since.

In this post, I’m going to show you how to change it back to unthreaded, with an added bonus of showing you how to do it in some other popular email clients as well.

Threading is when your email service sorts your messages so that all the replies and forwards are grouped together rather than just listing them in the order they arrived in your Inbox.

Thank you to reader Ajda for pointing out that the “Show Senders Above the Subject” option applies when your Outlook window is too narrow to show both sender and subject line on the same line, so you can choose which one is above and which one is below.

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