Updating sitemap

The most widely used search engines which provide a notification API are supported (Google and Bing).

Note: As of August 2017, Yandex does no longer support ping notifications for sitemap changes.

To sort your URLs by the value of one of the columns, click the column's heading.

By clicking the heading once, the URLs will be sorted ascending, a second click sorts descending.

Most hosters provide an interface to such services as well.

The installation of the sitemap extension follows the common Joomla! In case you are not familiar with these procedures proceed as follows: The extension's archive will be uploaded and installed afterwards.

website, you will not see any entries in the Manage URLs view yet. To do so, choose "Components" → "Aimy Sitemap" → "Crawl Website" and click the "Start Crawling" button in the toolbar.

After crawling has finished, you can view all URLs included in your index by clicking "Manage Your Sitemap Now" or by choosing "Manage URLs" from Aimy Sitemap's menu or dashboard.You may generate an HTML sitemap for your visitors as well.You can customize the sitemap with different options and notify search engines about changes to your sitemap directly from the Joomla! Aimy Sitemap generator includes a crawler that visits every page of your website, analyzes its content and queues its URL for inclusion in your sitemap.Note: Each action uses the options specified for the respective task so no additional configuration is necessary.Manage the permission settings for different user groups.Click the button in the "State" column for any single file or use the checkboxes and change the state of multiple files at once.

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