Updating technomate on linux

Hi, sorry I have just sent you a quick reply saying my Technomate 7102 super HD is a Motorized system set up, the dish has 2 LNB,s attached.

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kernel 3.4 or 3.5) you might not succeed with simply reinstalling nvidia drivers.

The only way I found so far to get nvidia-drivers to work again is by adding the following ppa to your repositories.

A microcode is nothing but CPU firmware provided by Intel or AMD.

The Linux kernel can update the CPU’s firmware without the BIOS update at boot time.

Thanks, as I have said I am not clued up on this, although I have had it for quite sometime, but now would like to learn, hence joining this Web site.

Hi, I've come back after the festivities, till trying to get use to this site, think I've maybe sent reply n wrong section as nothing heard, so will send it this way. You for sending a phantom patch also update channel lists downloads.

Works whether this receiver with module Neotion MPEG4 Viaccess? Works whether this receiver with module Neotion MPEG4 Viaccess?

Hi, i have a Technomate7102HD with magic eye attached.

Every time there's a kernel update, nvidia graphics drivers stops working because there's not a valid kernel module. If you have installed the package from the ubuntu repositories, you can try reconfiguring it with Please note that neither installing a kernel upgrade nor drivers from officially unsupported repositories is recommended!

What is the ubuntu way to 'recompile' the nvidia module for the new kernel? Follow these instructions at your own risk and only if you know what you're doing!

Ok, first visit AMD or Intel site to grab the latest microcode firmware.

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