Voice camps for adults

We are committed to making Village Harmony programs accessible by keeping expenses and tuition fees as low as possible, and we offer generous financial aid.

In recent years we have greatly expanded our scholarship program for low income students in our teen camps, as well as offering full support to students from eastern Europe and South Africa to come to the US to participate in our teen traveling camps.

voice camps for adults-49

The venues are mostly in small towns which treat the group with delicious potluck suppers and arrange local homestays.

The intense immersion in new repertoires and the myriad challenges of polishing concert performances to a high sheen are exhilarating for all involved, and engender a close community by the end of camp.

engaging in challenging activities and being social in general help our minds and bodies stay fit and healthy.

Considering that most of us 50-plussers aren’t ready for permanent residence in the front porch rocking chair, an arts-oriented “camp” is a profitable and pleasant way to pass some time this summer.

Our basic model for each camp session, regardless of location, is the same.

We begin with an intensive residential rehearsal week where singers get to know one another and learn a concert program.Arts “camps” for adults, particularly ones that welcome people over 50, can be found by searching online or contacting your local public library.Here are four, different in kind and location, that come highly recommended: The heart of jazz, Jamey Aebersold believes, is the solo — the moment when a member of the combo stands out from the others he or she is playing with and puts a new spin on the song.These days his “campers” tend to be older — many well into their 60s or even 70s. at the University Club, followed by a meeting and faculty concert at p.m.The camps at the University of Louisville in Kentucky (July 2-7 and July 9-14) begin with registration midday on Sunday. During the afternoon, all campers “audition” (a Q & A, not a musical audition) so they can be placed in a suitable combo, which is a group that typically includes drums and bass but also may include any number of other jazz instruments. The business of playing jazz starts Monday morning with an a.m.(Even introverts enjoy interacting in low-key environments.

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