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And when he died, every newspaper in the country emailed me to ask if I would care to write about him. It is a time for discretion.' For seven years in the Sixties, Joan and Harold had a scorching affair while she was still married to TV producer Michael Bakewell and he was married to the actress Vivien Merchant. Joan presenting 'Late Night Line-Up in 1969 Of course, Bakewell herself has been a household name since the Sixties when she first presented the pioneering BBC2 programme Late Night Line-Up.

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' Recently appointed by Harriet Harman as the Government's 'voice for older people', Dame Joan lives exactly where you would expect her to live; at the Primrose Hill epicentre of liberal, Left-ish, North London life.

You can certainly see it in porn, although porn is amazingly monotonous. 'I think it is important to want somebody, and then find that making love to them makes you feel terrific. If you both like it, it doesn't matter how you do it.' Elsewhere, to keep feeling and looking good, she swears by the twin totems of late-life womanhood - opaque Wolford tights and Pilates classes. ' she cries, leaning forward to twang the fabric covering her still-shapely legs.

'You make me laugh,' she says again, 'because you remind me of that woman who asked Debbie Mc Gee: "What attracted you to the millionaire Paul Daniels? Feeling 'judged and condemned' by the play's title, she asked Pinter to change it, but he refused. Back then, in her Mary Quant miniskirts and sooty eyes, she interviewed the likes of French artist Marcel Duchamp, Czech playwright (and subsequent President) Vaclav Havel, the comedian Phil Silvers and, of course, Pinter himself.

Their clandestine relationship became the basis for Betrayal, Pinter's 1978 play which is still widely regarded as one of his greatest. Back then, Frank Muir christened her the 'thinking man's crumpet', an epithet that has stuck despite her dislike of it.

'I felt it was for Antonia and family, and I was outside that. The former presenter has written her first novel, an old-fashioned and romantic tale, set in the North during the war 'I have no idea what actually being good at sex is, but I suppose you could be good in an athletic sense.

And, anyway, my own grief is private to me,' she told one newspaper. You can see that in movies when people leap around.

Joan is arrested, sold to the Burgundians England and submitted to a shameful political trial in Rouen castle.

Joan of Arc: In the Fifteenth Century, France is a defeated and ruined nation after the One Hundred Years War against England.

Joan of Arcadia is an American television fantasy/family drama telling the story of teenager Joan Girardi, who sees and speaks with God and performs tasks she is given. on CBS and CTV for two seasons, from September 26, 2003 until April 22, 2005.

On initial release, the show was praised by critics and won the prestigious Humanitas Prize and the People's Choice Award.

In the intervening years, however, she has continued to enjoy the company of gentlemen. It is an old-fashioned and romantic tale, set in the North during the war.

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